Day two and here's another extract from OLD ME. A little story that I remember often.


Easter bonnet competition. I’m 9.

First prize is a cassette walkman. I want one so badly. The letter from school says no adult help. I’ve explained to Nan how everyone else will pretty much get their moms to make it and how they’ll be amazing and I’ll never win. She won't help me. She made me do it myself. She said knowing I’d done it myself would feel like winning. 

I stayed up til ten o'clock doing it. Went to sleep with felt and glitter in my hair. It was a cardboard cutout easter bunny dressed like Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk. His little glitter glove. Sugar paper Fedora. The square dancefloor forms the top of the hat. It was shit.

Everyone else got help and there’s were amazing. Chris Northall had a full crucifixion scene with a balsa wood cross and a little model Mary and everything and he couldn’t even draw a decent stickman. He won the cassette walkman.

I came home, rubbish Michael Jackson bunny hanging from my hand. I went straight to the kitchen to throw it in the bin in front of Nan. But she wasn’t there.

The kitchen was empty.

And there, on the table, was a brand new cassette walkman and a little note that just said,

“you did it love x”