I have written and developed four feature length solo spoken word pieces and have been lucky enough to tour them around the country and the world from Melbourne to California.

My most recent piece  MOUTH OPEN STORY JUMP OUT had it's first run in 2013 and has toured the most out of any of my pieces. It's a story about the spark of making things up and I wrote it for the ten year old me. It's may favourite piece to perform as it changes every time and is the one that feels the most like a conversation.

In an ideal world, Birmingham-born storyteller Polarbear (aka Steven Camden) would be cloned and sent into every school and theatre in the land. His ability to engage, amuse and move audiences of all ages, including the hard-to-crack upper primary school crowd, is life-affirmingly brilliant. 5 STARS.
— The Scotsman

My first feature length piece was IF I COVER MY NOSE YOU CAN'T SEE ME developed in 2007/8. It was the first time I'd worked with a director, set designer, musicians, lighting and visual arts and I'm still well proud of what we made. It was the story about a man who bumps into his ten year old self and the chain of events that triggers. We did a bunch of stuff with the live show that hadn't been done in spoken word before, taking over part of the Southbank to close the London Literature festival 2008. In early 2015 I revisited the piece to see what it would feel like to speak the story again. A girl called Amy got what I was trying to do REVIEW

My second feature length solo piece was RETURN 2009. I wanted to push what I could do with spoken word and what I thought the form was. I always thought of my shorter pieces as short films so decided to speak a full length one. Yael developed the script and directed, Marie designed an amazing set, Ade made specific projection software to allow us to do stuff with projection, Dan composed a full sound score. It was ace. I spoke about making it HERE and a lady called Honour got the name slightly wrong, but thought it was good REVIEW

The last piece in what I consider an unofficial trilogy was OLD ME in 2011 which I developed and performed at The Roundhouse. It was my most blunt, messy and opinionated piece to date and was a lot of fun to perform. I worked with the same creative team as well as Cis and Leo and we made exactly what I hoped we would. The piece is about how things and changed and not changed at the same time and how conviction without purpose can mess you up. I spoke about making it HERE, There are some shots HERE, and a girl called Lettie liked it REVIEW

I have also written a storytelling piece for three actors to speak called BACK DOWN which premiered at Birmingham REP and then then toured nationally in 2015. It's the story of three 18 year old friends from Smethwick who go to climb Snowdon before one of them leaves for university. My Mum loved it.

I have been focussing on writing novels and for other people to perform for a couple of years now, but have recently been getting the urge to develop something new for myself to speak. I'll make all kinds of noise about it if and when it happens.

For more details about any of the above pieces, get in touch.