Visiting schools is the best part of my job. Coming in to talk about writing and stories and leading sessions about making stuff up is my favourite thing to do. If you fancy a visit from a brummie author who talks a bit too fast, get in touch via the talk to me page.

I wrote a collection of spoken word pieces all set over one week in a secondary school. It's called EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE and looks like this


You can find out more and where to buy it online HERE

I have written three novels. HarperCollins have published them all. Being a published author feels brilliant.

My most recent novel is called NOBODY REAL and came out in July 2018. It's a story about a girl called Marcie and a boy called Thor who has the arms of a bear. The cover looks like this


Here's me talking a little blurb thing about it whilst standing in my kitchen. It's available in the shops and online.


My second book IT'S ABOUT LOVE came out June 2015 and was written for myself aged 16. It's a story all about where I'm from. My Mum, sister and cousin Janet loved it. I'm chuffed with it. It's available in most bookshops on the Young Adult shelf and libraries soon I guess. Or you can buy it online HERE

I did a spoken introduction to the story 

And did some location filming around my part of Birmingham where the story takes place

My first book TAPE came out in January 2013 and was written for myself aged 13. Some people loved it. Others thought is was two slow. It is exactly the book 13 year old me wanted. You can get it from most bookshops and libraries on the Young Adult shelf or buy it online HERE

I wrote a spoken introduction to the story below.


If you take the time to read either of my books then thanks and, if you feel compelled to get in touch and tell me what you think or share a story of your own, feel free to do so via the TALK TO ME page in the tool bar.

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